Lauren Barker,
architect of online experiences.

Full Stack Engineer // MarTech Strategist

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Lauren is a MarTech Strategist and Full Stack Engineer — with 13 years of experience delivering solutions across all digital media channels. She joined the marketing team at GitLab in September 2019 and is excited to contribute.

Before GitLab, she led web development and digital infrastructure strategy for Cal Poly Corporation. She mentored students to deliver web-based solutions for the university’s non-profit commercial services like Campus Dining, Bella Montanna, and Conference and Event Planning. She launched their first JAMstack website, led the WordPress migration for three sites, configured AWS server infrastructure, and created a headless project management tool for Dropbox and Asana. Along with this, she also built and managed HTML email communication and deployment for university-wide communications.

Before Cal Poly Corporation, Lauren worked at XYZ Textbooks as a front-end developer. She developed the XYZ eBook interface and executed user experience journeys from start to end.

While not coding, Lauren can be found surfing remote waves on the Central Coast or racing competitively with Pale Kai Outrigger.





JAMstack (Javascript, Markup, APIs)

LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

Project Management (Github, Asana, Digital Asset Managmenet)



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Lauren has a passion for building modern, intuitive responsive websites for projects both large and small. If you'd like to talk shop, share experiences, or interested in consulting, feel free to reach out.

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